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No cach

" meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache" "

in eitch page this site send a clean code and generates "no-caches"

That means we take no information about any YOU, no cookies at all

The tracks you generated are only the network routes and presence you leave as you browse the web.

As long you respect and leave the author name and give the source (this site) of your copy, it's allow.

So you can copy picture and show this containts freely and you must at this time give author name (Maite Oliver) and source ( as references must always follow.

The freecopy or copyLeft is not a transfert of propriety. the author stays the author. And, as

for a proper expression "Fine & Digital" arts / artworks

those categorisation distubance seems useful at historical studies. When your are a single-tool maker. But it does not match with most of the pluralist media architects and inventing matters of sight modern artists are.

That's not a question of time, past etc... When i say "modern" i refer to kind of artists always fight the simple signs to became sounds of mind, silent music the sight produce as a "vision".