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There is no mystery 3D artists are from sketches and sculpture.
To create animations and movies now an artist can feel as Renoir : on this dream maker tool.
CGI, Sybtheze or Digital - Machine computing... Again, after photography and film making ; this architechton is hard to figure out rigide precepts of art, nevermind.

the 0/live Club is an area of thinking about Art as a way of life =a philosophy. By the way we propose ourself chalanges to check up our mind in observance of the 0'Live Art Laws.this is the begining of the Digital Era.
Can we realise and produce a 3D art movie we would like to see !
How and what do we need to be operant  ?  - >
and under the LIBRE =FREE law : know our digital tools as well as our analogic ones. Setting them to ours projects as an architecton.
the activities of the Club are non profit  : we should have to produce so pieces to gain the machines and matters we needed. That's all.

And to say it clearly : the pieces we should have to craft will be elements of ours studies and they could not be made as a finality of our research ! Indeed, any object could.

The Art Laws.
the Path art Seekers follow to be true.
If Art is a way of life, every day the artist can breath a new day.
The meditative dimension of art working is well known nowdays,
it's why art have to take its place back just next your doors, inside the "real" world. Artists have more than "strange things" or "preaty manners" to share : what some of you ask to "terapeutic art" is just the basis of what Art is for Real. Just meet Artists, ateliers etc...
People, we have to meet and discusse not about the full tired pain or work but the enjoyement of an other regard to the whole around us... that's is our matter of research!
the free art studio for digital artist :
2D :
The GIMP , pictures editor and photo retouch are the middle of the target; it's the Photoshop killer of the free world. If You are up to use a soft like "Lightroom", you will be fine with RAWTHERAPY.
in case you're looking for something but only known the commercial produc, have a look at the site to pick up some other ideas.
VIEW : with Irfan viewer you have a daily tools to manipulate images, cut crop copy and test insertion with a resources firendly prog! if i need 1 it is this one! -enable to use Photoshop plug ins-
3D :
you can start with the greatful and free DazStudio. The suite offers
1. modeler : hexagon
2. scenes and animations Landscapes with Bryce
3. scenes and animations People with DazStudio itself.
To enter more proprely modeling Carrara is a very convenient one, for an understanding price. DazStudio People and animal can be used, indeed.
as in matial * Art
a Digital Art authoring-media research.
And my [K]_0zz theory? Alain with the Dao fireBird playing on tatami Ka Do.
> news letter
Art phy is not a path to reason. It matches better with the discoverer walk. it's why the enwaking is the
central dynamic of the curiosity needed as the motion power of the mind.
K_0zz, my artwork is a kind of dreammade conscience of cosmic mathematical
or cosmic poetry.
here math and poetry seem to draw the same arrow-key to
open the mind and de/di-scrypted the code of nature being. Perhaps because
all that is pur sound, universes chants where ciphers or words are only the
markups we made to point some observations chat rooms.
Art phy is a path to reason.
maite oliver