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Zlash X Studio

About Total Art and Art law(s)

ZlashX was the very first computer name of the 3D project to become a Digital Art authoring-media research.

And my [K]_0zz theory? Alain with the Dao fireBird playing on tatami Ka Do.

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Art phy is not a path to reason. It matches better with the discoverer walk. it's why the enwaking is the central dynamic of the curiosity needed as the motion power of the mind. K_0zz, my artwork is a kind of dreammade conscience of cosmic mathematical or cosmic poetry. here math and poetry seem to draw the same arrow-key to open the mind and de/di-scrypted the code of nature being. Perhaps because all that is pur sound, universes chants where ciphers or words are only the markups we made to point some observations chat rooms. Art phy is a path to reason.

maite oliver